When we began the Rescue Training Institute our original mission was to provide quality Emergency Medical Technician classes to the general public. We had this mission because of who we are... pre-hospital care providers with over 50 years combined experience, this along with over a decade of experience in adult learning, including pre-hospital care.

While involved in pre-hospital training, it became frustrating to see people become trapped in these CFR/EMT training assembly lines that barely prepared them for the NYS Certification Exam. These people squeak by, only to NOT qualify during orientation programs for pre-hospital care jobs in the municipal and private sector. We felt it was unfair to the student, who trained so hard, yet was trained by substandard facilities.

We prepare people not just to pass an exam but to function in real life...that's our goal. We encourage our instructors to train you with the mind set that they are training someone who may care for a member of their family...and our family and friends deserve the best.

Since the beginning of the Rescue Training Institute, many EMT's, Firefighters and First Aid qualified individuals have passed through its doors and have gone on to fulfilling careers, or serve as valued volunteers at local Fire Departments, Rescue Squads and Ambulance Corps.

The Rescue Training Institute is operated by a Board of New York State, Department of Health, Certified Instructor Coordinators consisting of many members from various Fire Departments, EMS Systems, hospitals and health care facilities, citywide. We hold regular meetings each month with our instructors in an effort to always create a more "Student Friendly" environment.

Our courses are offered at various locations throughout New York City, with our central office located in Corona, Queens.

The difference with our training facility and staff is that we, as a STAFF are on the "Front Line" when dealing with emergency situations. Our instructors have each had a part in developing curriculum, both didactic and practical. We offer, included in our training, all the materials and supplies necessary to complete our programs.

Our Instructors are held to a higher standard than the required "minimums" in accordance with NYS guidelines. We use only the best instructors, which through knowledge, patience, EXPERIENCE and innovative teaching ideas, produce the best graduates. Most of our graduates move on to become EMT's, Paramedics and Firefighters in the NYC 911 system. Some just enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that they could help if an emergency should arise. To be successful, the student must have a commitment -- the SAME commitment as our instructors. We are confident that no matter which program you decide is best for you, we can make you a confident, well-trained RESCUER.

If you can't decide which program is best for you, call or e-mail our office. One of our TRAINED instructors will be more than happy to help you decide which program is best for you. We have flexible schedules, and can suit just about anyone's needs.

Don't sacrifice on quality...it could mean the difference between life or death.